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"Cold Blooded" is a high-energy rap song performed by U-GOD, with additional vocals on the hook by Michael A Riviera. The song features a catchy beat produced by DJ

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Uptown Saturday Night" is an electrifying hip-hop anthem that captures the energy and excitement of a wild and unforgettable night out in uptown. The artist, U-GOD,

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special prizes

With every digital collectible you buy, you've entered into the contest to win special prizes including time with U-GOD and collaborating on a song
Tier 1

Win an exclusive T-shirt or signed poster with your purchase - a must-have for true U-GOD fans. Show off your love for U-GOD and his iconic music.

Tier 2

You have a chance to win an exclusive vinyl of the Wu-Tang Clan - a rare valuable collector's item for all hip-hop and vinyl enthusiasts alike.

Tier 3

Remix U-GOD’s exclusive track on Melos and you could win the ultimate prize - the chance to collaborate with U-GOD on a track. This is a unique opportunity for music creators to work with a legendary artist and get their music out to a wider audience.

the project

U-GOD, the legendary rapper and member of the iconic Wu-Tang Clan, is back with two exclusive new songs that pay tribute to his illustrious career. But there's a catch… The only way to listen to these tracks is by owning a piece of his legacy.

For true fans only, U-GOD is releasing these new songs as limited-edition releases. By purchasing one of these exclusive tracks, you'll be able to own a piece of music history, and support one of hip-hop's most influential figures.

But that's not all… As a special bonus, each purchase will give you a chance to win a limited edition physical prize, such as a vinyl, t-shirt, signed print, and enable discounts & early access to any following drops.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to own a piece of U-GOD’s legacy. Buy one of his exclusive new songs today and be part of hip-hop history

Each song is not only a rare collectible, it automatically enters you into a contest for a chance to win incredible prizes and collaborate with the one and only U-GOD himself!


U-GOD is releasing two new exclusive tracks as digital collectibles. The songs are a tribute to his legacy and career and will only be accessible to those who purchase it.

You can purchase the exclusive songs on the website

While the purchase of the songs does not include a physical product, those who purchase the digital collectible will have the opportunity to win limited-edition physical prizes, including vinyl records, t-shirts, signed prints and more!

exact chances of winning a physical prize will depend on the number of entries received. However, U-GOD and his team are giving away a limited number of prizes, so the chances of winning are relatively high.

The physical prizes will be shipped to winners within a reasonable timeframe after the giveaway ends. Winners will be notified via email with details on when they can expect to receive their prize.

Yes, as the owner of the digital collectible, you have the right to sell it on the marketplace where it was purchased or on other compatible platforms. However, keep in mind that the value of the digital collectible may fluctuate based on market demand.

No, the exclusive songs will not be available on streaming services. They will only be accessible to those who purchase the digital collectibles.

The exclusive songs will be available for purchase for a limited time only. Once the purchase window has closed, the songs will no longer be available for purchase.

There may be limits to the number of exclusive songs you can purchase, depending on the rules set by the digital collectible marketplace. Be sure to check the details provided prior to the release to confirm any limitations.
for fans

For True Fans Only: Ugod's New Songs as Limited Edition Releases.

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